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Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide :)


How do I track my order?

After your order has been dispatched you'll receive an e-mail with your tracking information.


Minimum Order Value? 

In 2024 our MOV for wholesale orders is: 1,500 EUR  /  1,250 GBP  /  1,600 USD  /  2,200 CAD  /  2,200,000 WON.

Reorders: 1,000 EUR

Checkout will only be available once the minimum order value is achieved.   


Payment options? 

35% now, to confirm order
65% when the order is ready to ship
(If this is the chosen method the Retailer must choose Bank Deposit as the payment option when ordering online via this website). 
- Retailer pays 85% of shipping costs


100% now
- Retailer only pays 60% of shipping costs
(If this is the chosen method the Retailer can choose either Credit/Debit Card or Bank Deposit as the payment option when ordering online via this website).


15 or 30 days payment after receiving the goods.
- Retailer pays 95%/100% of shipping costs


What payments methods are accepted? 

Customers can pay through Credit/Debit card or Bank transfer/deposit.


How long does it take to receive my order? 

You will receive a notification via email once your order has been dispatched. Once you receive this notification you should expect to receive your order within the following days:



Shipping page.


Privacy Policy

Privacy policy page.


Checkout available once Minimum Order Value is reached. More info at FAQs.

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